Image Gallery is one of the Documentary Video Film Maker of Bangladesh. They are regularly making documentary film for News agencies, NGO’s and Industries. They have won editorial panel and professional troops to make broadcast level Documentary Video. Image Gallery has professional Cinematographers, Scriptwriter, director and editor panel. Making documentary film for project profile, company profile, documentary, storytelling, NGO’s activities, feature story, wedding, and others official purpose.

Some of their clients are WorldFish, Sightsavers, IREX, SPRIT, AidEx, Anawar Group, Enboy group, Youngone Group, Grameen, Asiatic ad agency, BITOPI, Basundhara Group.

For Video we use professional broadcast level camera and equipment.

Sony, Canon, Nikon.

Stock Photography

The image gallery is a leading photo agency in Bangladesh and its run by professional photographers. We have large quantity stock photographs, and highly skilled professional photographers, Photojournalists & Documentary photographers. We regularly supplying imagery and giving service to a wide range of clients. Please read about our services.
Image Gallery is the Leading stock photo agency in Bangladesh and run by professional photographers. We have a large volume of quality high-resolution excellent images, fair commissions, valuable digital and keywording services, fast and efficient work systems, constantly evolving technology, professional marketing, worldwide distribution and broad market experience.
Our images have been published regularly in national newspapers and magazines as well as in books, brochures, greeting cards, and calendars. We are supplying imagery and undertaking commissions for companies including BBC, National Geographic, Helvetas, Telenor, renowned international photo agencies, Grameen phone, Robi, Ministry of foreign affairs of Bangladesh, the ministry of environment of Bangladesh, NGOs, Banks and other organizations. Our images published more than 500 books, calendars, and magazines.

Hire a Photographer
We have a highly educated skilled professional photographers group.
Our photographers are expert on the documentary, advertising, aerial, NGO’s activities, project, lifestyle, product, fashion & Glamour, wedding, official, and events photography. For hiring a photographer please contact us or simply fill up the contact form and tell us about your need.