Excellent imagery, and video, fair commissions, valuable digital and key wording services, fast and efficient work systems, constantly evolving technology, professional marketing, world-wide distribution, broad market experience, and plenty of the “personal touch”… Interested? Send us your primary submission in to our drop box then get a chance to directly upload your images and video in Image Gallery website.

To become an Image Gallery contributor, just follow these steps:

1st step

Primary submission:

• Fill up the contact form and write about you, your photography and your camera equipment.

• You should send an initial selection of about 50-10 photos to help us to assess your imagery. The photos should be representative of your work and available for us to license.

Please upload images into our dropbox. dropbox email:

2nd step

If your primary submissions pass by our review committee we will send you contract form.

Instructions for Contracts
• Print contract
• Fill in and sign the contract, initialing every page.
• Email us the signed contract scan copy, scan copy of an identity document (passport, national ID,
driver’s license, etc) and your profile photo.
• We will return a scanned signed copy for your records.
• After get your contract copy we will send you user and password for directly upload images.
• You will earn the 50% commission as contributors.
Rules for Rights Managed Visual Content
Image Gallery RM collection
• you must always send your images and video clips retouched, key worded and with image captions.
Please follow IPTC in Adobe Bridge and fill-up these field with IPTC: Creator, Sub location, city, State /province, Country, description, keywords (minimum 10 relevant keywords),

• All of your images should be sent at high resolution minimum size 3700 x 2460 at 300 dpi 8 bit depth), Ideal file size is (5150 x 3450 at 300 dpi and 8 bit depth) please do not make interpolation to make big size.

• JPG compressed with “quality 12” (minimum quality 10) in Adobe Photoshop.

• Make sure your images are properly oriented; when photographers send vertical images with a horizontal orientation they will not be edited.

• Make sure that the images have proper contrast and bright color.
• If you are a new video contributor, you should send an initial selection of 5-10 video clips to help us assess your video material and to confirm compatibility with our system. The clips should be representative of your work and available for us to license.
• Capture: Your clips should be captured as HD Video, and preferably Full HD (1920 x 1080p). If you have unique clips shot in Standard Definition (SD), you can consult with us.
• File format: You must send clips in .mp4 or .mov format (QuickTime)*
• Codec: You must send clips compressed with codec H.264*
* There are many software conversion tools available for converting clips (format and codec). We recommend MPEG Streamclip, which is free and works for both the Mac and PC platforms. You can download this tool at:
• Frame rate: Send the clips with the frames per second (fps) as you originally filmed it. We will convert the fps if necessary.
• Edited clip duration: Your clips should be a minimum of 5 seconds / maximum 90 seconds. If you have clips that are longer than this, you may consult with us.
• Releases: You must send us model releases for all identifiable people appearing in your clip.

If you don’t like dropbox or direct upload, you can send the photos in DVDs/Memory cards/Hard drives, etc.
• You must send the storage devices with all delivery charges prepaid. We recommend a messenger express system.
• DVDs with digital file submissions will not be returned. Most lightweight memory supports can be returned to the photographer by normal mail. Image gallery is not responsible for any damages or losses of these supports in the mail.

Our address:

Image Gallery
Suite # 23-24, 1st floor
Dhaka 1000

Phone : +8801720311811